City establishes pop-up party task force

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS/WRSP) — The city is creating a task force to combat pop-up parties across the capital city.

Springfield police are teaming up with city leaders to stop these dangerous and unpredictable gatherings.

City officials say you never know where or when these parties are going to pop up, and they need to be ready for that.

This task force is made up of Springfield aldermen Shawn Gregory, Lakeisha Purchase, and Roy Williams, the mayor, the police chief, city lawyers, and neighborhood associations.

They’ll meet once a month to discuss pop-up party prevention.

The group has already met once, and they’re starting to create a plan of action.

“You don’t see too many pop-up parties in the winter time, so that’s the time we can do research from other cities,” said Alderwoman Purchase. “This is not just an issue in Springfield, this is a nationwide thing. Supposedly, a lot of this has taken place since Covid started.”)

Purchase says there have already been four or five parties at the Qik-N-EZ on North Grand Avenue.

The CEO of the company attended the Ward 5 meeting Tuesday.

He told residents that quick and easy is working with police to prevent these parties.

The city wants to partner with businesses to put up cameras monitoring popular party locations.


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