City Resources

Animal Control & Adoption Center

The Sangamon County Animal Control Division is responsible for enforcing state, county and city ordinances (upon request) pertaining to dog and cats; impounding animals found to be in violation of those ordinances; investigating bite incidents; investigating inhumane treatment of animals and investigating domestic livestock injury claims.

Leaf Pickup/Yard Waste

The City of Springfield’s “no sticker”, bi-weekly yard waste/leaf pick up program is underway and will run for one full year. This is a year-round program and stickers are NOT be required during the entire collection period.

Branch Pickup

The City of Springfield’s branch collection has been expanded to four pick-ups a year. Branch collection will now occur in each neighborhood in May, August, November, and February.

Waste & Recycling

The Room-to-Room printed booklet provides waste & recycling guidelines for the City of Springfield as well as information on how to properly dispose of various unwanted household items.

Springfield School District 168

Snow & Ice Removal

Side streets in neighborhoods and subdivisions are tended to as weather and time permits. Primary streets are defined as main thoroughfares that connect the different quadrants of the city. Secondary streets are thoroughly traveled but serve as main routes to the primary streets.


The Water Division’s primary mission is to ensure that all utility customers will have a safe and plentiful water supply in both the immediate and long-term future.